Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Mechanical and Materials Engineering


Dr. Anthony Straatman


This thesis describes the process taken for the computational analysis of convective heat transfer from multiple large jets impinging on a large cylinder, and a one-dimensional model of chemistry and heat transfer within a rotary cement kiln. A correlation describing the forced convection effect of these jets was determined and was integrated into the one-dimensional model to represent the effect of large kiln shell cooling fans impinging on the shell of a rotary cement kiln. Formulations from previously developed one-dimensional models were combined together to form the model outlined in this thesis. Modifications were made to the chemistry formulation, thermal resistance through the kiln, and the inclusion of the effects of forced convection on the kiln shell. It was concluded that the correlation developed was accurate within an interval of ±26%, while the one-dimensional model represented temperature profiles and species mass fractions reasonably well. Furthermore, the inclusion of forced convection in the kiln resistance model resulted in a decrease in shell temperature when compared to the case of only free convection.