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Master of Arts




Dr. Darren Marks


Christianity is plagued by two dualistic concepts: first, an ontological dualism that divides the human person into body and soul, and second, an epistemological dualism that claims science and theology are incompatible. However, these polarized (and polarizing) theological frameworks are no longer sufficient, especially as scientific research provides new understanding about the brain and human identity. The existence of the nonphysical soul has long been called into question, thereby creating a theological crisis at the very core of Christian belief: the resurrection. This thesis will examine the crisis as it manifests itself in contemporary Christian society, pointing to the perpetuation of dualistic philosophies as the source of a theological impasse. Finally, it will propose an interdisciplinary solution, revisiting resurrection theology in dialogue with modern science, and providing a way forward for those who seek a way both to participate in the resurrected life, and to proclaim the promise of general resurrection without dismissing scientific research.