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Dr. Alan Leschied

2nd Supervisor

Dr. Susan Rodger

Joint Supervisor


This study explored service providers’ perspectives on Muslim women experience of intimate partner violence (IPV) and their domestic violence service utilization. The aim of this study was to have participants share their knowledge and practical experiences in working with Muslim women IPV survivors, what they perceived to be effective interventions, the service gaps and how they envision the advancement of culturally informed services. Eight service providers from two domestic violence agency settings were recruited and series of semi-structured interview were conducted. A thematic content analysis was conducted and eight themes were identified: Immigration, Collectivist and Authoritative Culture, Patriarchy, Honour and Shame, Faith, Risk and Protective Factors, Current and Suggestive Services, Service Barriers. While the first six themes related to women’s abuse experiences, the last two themes solely explored the existing and suggestive services in light of women’s social and cultural contexts. These results add to the body of research in support of infusing additional cross-cultural trainings in service providers’ education and developing culturally informed interventions.

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