Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Doctor of Philosophy




Prof. Mahi Singh


In the first part of the thesis, we study the absorption coefficient of quantum dots doped in metallic photonic crystals under different circumferences. We study numerically the temporal evolution of the absorption coefficient profile where a probe field is applied to monitor the absorption process in two cases, when quantum dots are embedded lightly and densely. We also studied the effect of a changing plasma frequency on the absorption profile of quantum dots two possible field configurations. We show that the changes in plasma energy can take the system from the absorption region to the transparent and gain region.

As the next part, we developed an analytical theory for the photonic band structure and density of states of two-dimensional rectangular metallic photonic crystals. We found that the location of the photonic band gap can be controlled by modifying the plasma energy of either metal. We showed that by changing the plasma energy one can control the spontaneous emission in the metallic photonic crystal.

Finally, I studied hybrid systems (quantum dot - metallic nanoparticle). The main advantage of hybrid systems when compared with other nano-optical systems is the possibility for direct energy and quantum information transfer between nanoparticles. In this project, we investigate the control of thermal energy loss in metallic nanoparticles, an effect which could destroy the quality of transformed information if not properly controlled.