Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Doctor of Philosophy


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Dr. Rao, Raveendra


Constant envelope multi-level chirp modulations, with and without memory, are considered for data transmission. Specifically, three sub-classes referred to as symbol-by-symbol multi-level chirp modulation, full-response phase-continuous multi-level chirp modulation and full-response multi-mode phase-continuous multi-level chirp modulation are considered. These modulated signals are described, illustrated, and examined for their properties. The ability of these signals to operate over AWGN is assessed using upper bounds on minimum Euclidean distance as a function of modulation parameters. Coherent and non-coherent detection of multi-level chirp signals in AWGN are considered and optimum and sub-optimum receiver structures are derived. The performance of these receivers have been assessed using upper and lower bounds as a function of SNR, modulation parameters, modulation levels, decision symbol locations, and observation length of receiver. Optimum multi-level chirp modulations have been determined using numerical minimization of symbol error rate. Closed-form expressions are derived for estimating the performance of multi-level chirp signals over several practical fading channels. Finally, spectral characteristics of digital chirp signals are presented and illustrated.