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Master of Arts




Dr. Jason Brown


The purpose of this study was to identify caregivers’ needs in helping youth with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) succeed in school, and services that caregivers believe would help youth with FASD succeed in school. Thirty-two caregivers raising a youth with FASD participated in telephone interviews that included two questions: “What do caregivers need to help youth be successful in school?” and “What services would help youth be successful in school?” Participants then sorted responses to these questions into piles they believed to be a conceptual fit with one another, and the data was analyzed using multi-dimensional scaling and cluster analysis. In response to the question about caregiver needs, five concepts emerged: 1) Working to Meet the Needs of the Individual, 2) Educational Accommodations, 3) FASD-Literate Schools, 4) Resources, and 5) Therapeutic Supports. Six concepts emerged from the question about services, including: 1) Being Heard by Educators, 2) FASD-Informed Educators, 3) Involvement in Child’s Education, 4) Resources and Accommodations, 5) Supportive Knowledge Base, and 6) Support and Understanding at Home. These concepts were compared and contrasted with the existing literature.