Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science




Mahi R. Singh


In this thesis, we study the quantum light-matter interaction in polaritonic heterostructures. These systems are made by combining various nanocomponents, such as quantum dots, graphene films, metallic nanoparticles and metamaterials. These heterostructures are used to develop new optoelectronic devices due to the interaction between nanocomposites.

Photoluminescence quenching and absorption spectrum are determined and an explanatory theory is developed for these polaritonic heterostructures. Photoluminescence quenching is evaluated for a graphene, metallic nanoparticle and quantum dot system. It is shown that average distance between nanocomposites or concentration of nanocomposites affect the output these system produced. Photoluminescence quenching was also evaluated for a metamaterial hybrid system.

Lastly, the absorption spectrum of quantum dots was calculated in a quantum dot and metamaterial system. The metamaterial contained two surface plasmon modes which if in resonance with excitons of the quantum dot shown an enhancement in the absorption spectrum of the quantum dot.