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Master of Science




Dr. Doug Quan


Ischemia reperfusion injury (IRI) occurs during transplantation and causes apoptosis and inflammation. The purpose of this research was to determine the effect of caspase-3, complement 3, and RelB gene silencing in the reduction of IRI using an in vitro model.

LLC-PK1 cells were used along with antimycin A for the in vitro IRI model. Prior to exposure to antimycin A, cells were transfected with caspase-3, C3, and RelB small interfering RNA (siRNA) alone or in combination and then analyzed.

The relative risk reduction of apoptosis in antimycin A treated cells with caspase-3 siRNA was 46.6% (p=0.019), RelB siRNA 42.8% (p=0.038), and complement 3 siRNA 13.9% (p=0.968). Combinations caspase-3 and RelB siRNAs showed significant changes, but were similar to transfection with caspase-3 and RelB alone.

Caspase-3 and RelB siRNA are effective at reducing apoptosis in an in vitro model of IRI and will be used in future large animal studies.

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