Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Jin Jiang


This thesis presents the modeling, construction, and validation of a software simulator for a facility with physical components, referred to as NPCTF (Nuclear Process Control Test Facility). The simulator focuses simulation functionalities on dynamic behaviours of thermal-hydraulic systems related to nuclear power plants.

The modeling techniques adopted to construct the simulator are based on physical principles. Dynamic models are developed to reproduce the dynamic characteristics of NPCTF. Based on these mathematical relationships, computer codes are developed with the toolbox Simscape. The simulator can be used to investigate specific scenarios of NPCTF under similar operating conditions.

A simulation environment, the toolbox Simscape in Simulink of Matlab, herein, is selected as the platform to set up the simulator. With the features of a physical network approach and built-in component library in Simscape as well as custom-defined blocks created upon the formed dynamic models, the simulator is constructed by integrating component blocks into (i) primary coolant loop, (ii) secondary water loop, (iii) pressurized air loop, and (iv) some auxiliary loops within physical domains. The integration of components forms a mathematical matrix to represent underlying principles of the NPCTF. By employing an implicit fixed-step solver and identifying appropriate parameters of the global configuration and component blocks, the simulator can mimic the responses of NPCTF, under similar conditions.

Specifications of the simulator are defined. And the configuration and implementation scheme are developed for the simulator. Through verification and validation, it can be concluded that the developed simulator can be used in conjunction with NPCTF to support instrumentation and control system research for nuclear power plants.