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Master of Arts


Media Studies


Dr. Carole Farber

2nd Supervisor

Dr. Romayne Smith Fullerton

Joint Supervisor


In this thesis I use Critical Discourse Analysis to examine discursive constructions of identity (individual, religious, and national) within the framework of Canadian multiculturalism as they are constructed in two Canadian newspapers (the Toronto Star and the Gazette) between 2003 and 2013. I am particularly interested in how understandings of multiculturalism delimit the boundaries of belonging for religious practitioners in Canada. In chapter one I establish the academic context of this thesis and give a brief outline of the history of Canadian multiculturalism. In chapter two I focus on definitions and assessments of Canadian multiculturalism and the integration of immigrants who belong to religious minority groups. In chapter three I examine identity and belonging through the lens of ‘Canadian values’, including tolerance and secularism. In chapter four I examine the construction of the religious other as presented in discourse strands about religious accommodation with a particular focus on Muslim veiling.