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Abdel Lawendy


There are few more devastating complications of musculoskeletal trauma than compartment syndrome (CS). It occurs secondary to elevated pressure within a closed osseofascial compartment, leading to microvascular dysfunction, hypo- perfusion of the tissues, cellular anoxia and ultimately cell death. The aim of this thesis was to prove that CS leads to a systemic inflammatory response, and to examine the specific cytokines/chemokines associated with CS. Twenty-four cytokines/chemokines were measured in a rat model of CS. Additionally, microvascular dysfunction, tissue injury and inflammatory response following the neutralization of pro-inflammatory cytokine, TNF-α, at the time of fasciotomy were assessed using intravital video microscopy (IVVM). The results of our studies were the first to confirm that CS is associated with an acute inflammatory response, and that neutralization of TNF-α at the time of fasciotomy provides some protection against tissue injury due to CS.

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