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Master of Science




Dr. Lorie Donelle


The prevalence of diabetes is high among Latino people. This study investigated the relationships between health literacy, acculturation, social support, and diabetes-related knowledge among Latino adults with Type 2 diabetes and informal caregivers with a family history of Type 2 diabetes. A non-experimental, cross-sectional design was used to examine these relationships among 73 adult Latino participants living in Southern Ontario. Based on Nutbeam’s conceptualization of health literacy, associations existed between health literacy, acculturation and knowledge of diabetes among Latino participants, yet the concept of social support showed no direct relationship to health literacy. This research has explored the factors that influence health literacy, and how limited health literacy may have detrimental effects on health outcomes for Latino people with diabetes and/or their family caregivers. Thus, this research is crucial for the planning and implementation of diabetes programs aimed at Latino populations to improve their management of chronic disease.