Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Education




Goli Rezai-Rashti

2nd Supervisor

Melody Viczko

Joint Supervisor


This study examines the experiences of second-generation South Asian women attending university. It also focuses on the ways in which race, gender, and class intersect in the participants’ lives. The research questions being investigated are as follows: (1) How does cultural identity inform young South Asian women’s experiences at home and at school? (2) What types of social boundaries do second-generation South Asian immigrant women negotiate, and how do they change based on their surroundings? (3) Does their socioeconomic status have an impact on these negotiations? The methods adopted were case study qualitative research. The findings discussed some of the ways in which the participants negotiated their cultural identities. Additionally, they also pointed to social class as a significant factor in determining the cultural and academic expectations for many of the participants in this study.