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Doctor of Philosophy




Dr. Peter Paul Koprowski


Heteroglossia (Novella for Orchestra) explores a non-programmatic musical narrative which seeks to juxtapose Spectral, late-Romantic, and 12-tone aesthetics. The work is structured into seven distinct chapters which utilize Fibonacci numbers and tilings of the golden proportion to create the proportions of the work. The underlying conceptual foundations (and title) of the work are intrinsically related to the concepts of dialogism, polyphony (in the novel), and heteroglossia found within the literary theories of Mikhail Bakhtin. The work is also heavily influenced by theories of narratology and semiotics found in the writings of Jean-Jacques Nattiez and Jean Molino. The discussion document outlines how these concepts are applied in the music, while also providing a summation of the history, aesthetics, and techniques of Spectral composition and outlining the use of late-Romantic triadic transformations, microtonal variance based upon the harmonic series, as well as referential passages found within the work.

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