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Doctor of Philosophy




Dr. Alison Doherty


The general purpose of this dissertation was to examine capacity building in community sport organizations (CSOs). Given the position that CSOs occupy in the Canadian sport system, the increasing attention dedicated to organizational capacity of CSOs, and the lack of understanding surrounding the capacity building process, this dissertation endeavours to build on and contribute to each of these bodies of literature by providing insight into the process of capacity building in the context of CSOs, and nonprofit and voluntary organizations more broadly. Specifically, this dissertation involves the development and proposal of a process model of capacity building (Study 1), the investigation of successful and unsuccessful capacity building efforts based on the process model of capacity building (Study 2), and finally, a more in-depth examination of readiness for capacity building as a critical factor in the process of capacity building (Study 3). The findings of these three studies present important implications for capacity building research and theory development, as well as providing insight into the success of capacity building efforts within the community sport context.