Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Doctor of Philosophy


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Dr. Sean D. Hinchberger


The thesis presents a summary of Thin Spray-On Liner (TSL) effects on concrete. Three aspects, fire insulation, adhesion strength on concrete surface and load carrying capacity (i.e. flexural strength) on segmental concrete liners, are presented. Small-scale to full-scale laboratory tests were conducted using ASTM standards or devised methods. The TSL effects on three aspects were then compared with the results for uncoated concrete specimens. Numerical analyses using TEMP/W for the thermal response of TSL and a FE program, ABAQUS for the mechanical response of TSL were respectively carried out and compared with the measured results. Additionally, numerical analyses in respect to the joint rotational stiffness for the modern joint and the flexible joint were performed. The TSL effect on the flexible joint was also evaluated.

Based on the results of this study, it is revealed that TSL is an excellent fire insulating material as well as a structural substrate material. The TSL coating can reduce the heat transmitted in the concrete during a fire. Also, the TSL coating can reduce concrete spalling and crack propagation during failure. The load carrying capacity increase of a segmental tunnel liner is also found.