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Master of Science




Dr. Glen R. Belfry


The purpose of this investigation was to compare 6 high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions with predominately continuous training (CONT) over 11 days on elite rowers. Two groups (n=8) completed an incremental ramp test to determine Peak Aerobic Power (PAP), and a Critical Power test (CP). HIIT sessions consisted of 10 bouts of 10 s work (140% of PAP) with 5 s recovery, followed by 8 min of active recovery; repeated 6 times. 60 s power decreased in CONT (510±167–489±171W; p=0.02). CP increased in both groups (HIIT: 336±59-360±59W; CONT: 290±73-316±74W; p≤0.05). W’ decreased in CONT only (14256±7022-11303±7360J; p=0.01). Mean Power Output Measure (MPOM) (10s, 60s, CP, and PAP) showed an improvement for HIIT (464±158-496±184W; p=0.01) vs. CONT (433±186-433±181W; p³0.05). This study has demonstrated that 6 sessions of a novel HIIT protocol will increase MPOM, while maintaining anaerobic capacity compared to a predominantly CONT training protocol in elite rowers.