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Master of Education




Dr. Shelley Taylor


In this multi-phase case study, the teacher researcher aimed to determine how teachers can be assisted in implementing some principles of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages/CEFR (Council of Europe, 2001) into their pedagogical practices for primary-aged children enrolled in early French Immersion programs. Through a series of interviews conducted over three phases and a five-month period, the researcher led the teacher participant through professional development (PD) to shed light on the PD needed for French Immersion and other FSL teachers to adopt key principles of CEFR-inspired pedagogy into their practice. The results suggest that PD should be offered at the board or provincial level for teachers to understand and be able to implement these pedagogical principles. Moreover, assigning early childhood educators who do not know French to work alongside full-day kindergarten French Immersion teachers impedes the ability of those immersion teachers who are familiar with principles of CEFR-inspired teaching to implement them. The results of this empirical study expand on previous research conducted on the feasibility of introducing the CEFR into Canadian FSL pedagogy. This ground-breaking research explores how educators grapple with a pedagogical innovation and the challenges they face when trying to implement it to meet their own and ministry goals.