Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Computer Science


Dr. Michael J. Katchabaw


Since their inception in the 1940s, video games have always had a need for non-player characters (NPCs) driven by some form of artificial intelligence (AI). More recently, researchers and developers have attempted to create believable, or human-like, agents by modeling them after humans by borrowing concepts from the social sciences. This thesis explores an approach to generating a society of such believable agents with human-like attributes and social connections. This approach allows agents to form various kinds of relationships with other agents in the society, and even provides an introductory form of shared or influenced attributes based on their spouse or parents. Our proposed method is a simplified system for generating a society, but shows great potential for future work. As a modularized and parameterized framework, there are many opportunities for adding new layers to the system to improve the realism of the generated society.