Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Jin Jiang



A common industrial distributed control system (DCS), DeltaV, is configured and programmed to control and monitor the Nuclear Process Control Test Facility (NPCTF). A cabinet which holds the hardware of the DelatV DCS system, including programmable logic controller (PLC), power supplies, input/output (I/O) cards, terminals, and relays are configured and wired to field devices of NPCTF. A workstation and HMI screen are configured and setup.

To implement the main functions of NPCTF in the DelatV system, the programming architecture is designed in the DelatV system. The main control and monitoring functions of NPCTF are programmed using industrial languages of Function Block Diagram (FBD) and Sequential Function Chart (SFC) by IEC61113-3. Safety interlocks are added in the program to protect the NPCTF devices from damage. A HMI is developed to operate and monitor the NPCTF. Through the HMI, the operator can monitor the parameters of process of NPCTF, operate the NPCTF, change parameters of the controller, and force the devices.

The process model of SG (Steam Generator) Tank level control is developed using the MATLAB System Identification tool. The model is taken as an example to demonstrate the process of analysis and design the controller of process control. PID is used as the controller algorithm.

The main control and monitoring functions of NPCTF in the DeltaV system are commissioned, tested and evaluated. The evaluation results conclude that the DelatV DCS system can control the NPCTF to achieve the main functions of the NPCTF.