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Master of Arts




Dr. Peter Jaffe


The current study examined the relationship between exposure to violent media and pornography, and the perpetration and experience of sexual cyber dating abuse among adolescents. The study also assessed the relationship between violence-tolerant attitudes with dating abuse outcomes, and examined the mediating role of attitudes in the relationship between violent media and pornography consumption and dating abuse perpetration and victimization. Participants were 113 adolescent boys and girls who reported currently being in a romantic relationship or having been in one during the past year. Participants completed an anonymous paper-pencil survey. Results highlighted pornography and gender as risk factors for the perpetration of sexual cyber dating abuse. Gender moderated the relationship between pornography and perpetration. Violence-tolerant attitudes predicted cyber dating abuse victimization. Contradictory findings were evident for violent media. Implications for school-based dating violence, parenting, and community-based interventions are discussed, as well as policy implications.