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Master of Science




Dr. Roberta L. Flemming


The spinel group minerals have long been of interest to the geosciences due to their use as indicator minerals. Unit cell is a structural measure controlled by composition but is also affected by pressure and temperature relations through order-disorder. This study attempted to look at the applications of unit cell in exploration. The implementation of µXRD for this purpose required the creation the Slice Integration Technique to improve signal over background. Compositions of binary spinels can be approximated through their correlation with unit cell. Possible applications include gemology and curatorial studies, where the nondestructive nature of µXRD is highly advantageous and kimberlite vs non-kimberlite discrimination. The analysis of an indicator mineral was conducted using a field portable XRD and could determine isostructural grains in a field setting or unit cell could be used in the field in conjunction with other new field-portable technologies.

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