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Master of Arts




Dr. Laura Misener


Researchers have studied the social value of large-scale events in creating a sense of community but not the role small-scale charity sporting events play in fostering a sense of community. There is also a need to examine which managerial aspects may contribute to building a sense of community through small-scale charity sporting events. To focus on that gap in the literature, I utilized a micro-ethnographic approach to examine recreational charity beach volleyball tournaments held on Jeju Island, South Korea, hosted by the charity organization, ‘Jeju Furey’. As an organizer and participant of these beach volleyball tournaments, my insider’s perspective complements the perspectives of the participants to form an understanding of the value assigned to charity sporting events. The results of this study could help to enhance opportunities to develop charity sporting events, with the potentially fortuitous effect of enhancing a sense of community and the mutual benefit of being together.