Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Dr. Franco Berruti

2nd Supervisor

Dr. Cedric Briens

Joint Supervisor


Atmospheric Reduced crude (ARC) was co-pyrolyzed with 23-44 dry wt. % birchwood bio-oil at 480-530°C in a mechanically fluidized reactor (MFR) to investigate the feasibility of integrating bio-oil with heavy petroleum feedstocks into a Fluid CokerTM. The liquid products of the bio-oil and ARC were predominately segregated into two separate phases. The product yields of valuable petroleum liquid products were significantly reduced during co-pyrolysis when compared to the pyrolysis of ARC.

The effects of removing the aqueous phase of bio-oil before co-pyrolysis were investigated by separating the aqueous phase from birchwood bio-oil utilizing a novel co-distillation technique with ARC. The resulting 19-29 wt. % bio-oil distillation residues were pyrolyzed in a MFR at 480-500°C. The pyrolyzed distillation residues resulted in higher valuable liquid yields with significantly lower water contents when compared to the co-pyrolysis bio-oil and ARC. Valuable liquid yields were lower when compared to the pyrolysis of ARC.