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Doctor of Philosophy




Dr. Angela Schneider


This dissertation applies a conception of rationality from the philosophy of science to the coaching education context. The purpose of this dissertation is to present an account of how the exercise of judgment by coaches facing ethical dilemmas can be rational. The discussion in this dissertation begins with a traditional account of rationality that has long been a staple of moral philosophy. Next, the influence of this model in the current Canadian rowing coach education program are highlighted, as are its limitations in providing a complete account of rational ethical-decision making in the coaching context. After establishing these limitations, an alternative non-formal account of rationality, developed in the philosophy of science is introduced as a more convincing basis on which to understand judgment and vindicate its rationality. Following this philosophical analysis, a qualitative study on four experienced high school teacher-coaches is presented, highlighting the tools and processes they used when they faced ethical dilemmas in their past and. Finally, implications are drawn from the philosophical analysis and the interviews in order to propose a framework for piloting the addition of open-ended group exercises in the ethics education portion of the Canadian coach education workshops.