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Master of Science




Dr. David Dozois


This longitudinal study investigated the prospective relation of core beliefs and maladaptive behaviours with stress generation. A sample of 151 depressed females completed a battery of questionnaires to assess the presence of early maladaptive schemas, excessive reassurance seeking (ERS), avoidance, depression and anxiety. Approximately three months later, participants were administered the Beck Depression Inventory-II, a diagnostic interview, and a semi-structured contextual interview that assessed the number and severity of life events experienced since Baseline. ERS mediated the association between a Subjugation schema and dependent interpersonal stress, and behavioural-nonsocial avoidance mediated the relation of an Abandonment schema and dependent interpersonal stress. Furthermore, dependent interpersonal stress mediated the relation of Abandonment, Subjugation, ERS, and avoidance with depression at Follow-up, and ERS and behavioural avoidance both moderated the relation of Abandonment and dependent interpersonal stress. Findings suggest several causal mechanisms underlying the stress generation phenomenon.