Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Computer Science


Dr. Sylvia Osborn


Current development platforms are web scale, unlike recent platforms which were just network scale. There has been a rapid evolution in computing paradigm that has created the need for data storage as agile and scalable as the applications they support. Relational databases with their joins and locks influence performance in web scale systems negatively. Thus, various types of non-relational databases have emerged in recent years, commonly referred to as NoSQL databases. To fulfill the gaps created by their relational counter-part, they trade consistency and security for performance and scalability. With NoSQL databases being adopted by an increasing number of organizations, the provision of security for them has become a growing concern.

This research presents a context based abstract model by extending traditional role based access control for access control in NoSQL databases. The said model evaluates and executes security policies which contain versatile access conditions against the dynamic nature of data. The goal is to devise a mechanism for a forward looking, assertive yet flexible security feature to regulate access to data in the database system that is devoid of rigid structures and consistency, namely a document based database such as MongoDB.