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Master of Arts




Dr. Don Morrow


This thesis analyzed how the Vancouver Asahis, through excellence in baseball, gained acceptance within the newspaper media and community from 1920 to 1941. An examination of Vancouver’s history and culture determined the importance of baseball to the city, especially upon Bob Brown’s, Vancouver’s greatest builder of the game, immigration. A history of the Asahis was also examined to help frame baseball’s importance to the Japanese and why they wished to engage in this specific sport. Through a content analysis within the Vancouver Sun and Daily Province newspapers, this thesis examined how the Asahis were represented in each of the two major newspapers in Vancouver. Words and phrases related to the themes of racism, praise, and acceptance, were documented and analyzed for frequency in each year sampled. This helped determine what type of coverage was afforded to the Asahis thematically. Through excellence in baseball, a sport primarily reserved for Caucasians, the Asahis managed to gain favour within the community as well as minimize the racism that Japanese residents of Vancouver normally received.