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Doctor of Philosophy




Dr. Goli Rezai-Rashti


The contemporary internationalization of higher education promotes the formation of North-South (N-S) partnerships to facilitate access to new research sites and opportunities for international programming. This study conceptualizes N-S partnerships as an extension of internationalization policy. In the current context of internationalization, there is a reliance on higher education to produce economic benefits to support national economic objectives. There are particular concerns, however, with a practice of N-S partnerships that are enacted in communities located in the Global South. Internationalization policy does not adhere to the principles of N-S partnership outlined in multilateral agreements and is increasingly focused on the production of economic returns from investment in partnerships projects. This research focuses on the enactment of a specific N-S ISL partnership in Tanzania to consider the effects of higher education internationalization on local communities. It raises critical concerns for a socially just practice of international partnership.