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Master of Education




Dr. Farahnaz Faez


This mixed-methods study was conducted to examine the self-efficacy beliefs of novice elementary French as a Second Language (FSL) teachers in Ontario. Comparisons were made between the self-efficacy appraisals of English-dominant and French-dominant teacher participants, and core French (CF) and French immersion (FI) teacher participants. An online questionnaire and semi-structured interviews were conducted. Findings showed that French-dominant novice FSL teachers felt more effective in delivering a FSL program as compared to their English-dominant colleagues. As well, the FI teacher participants demonstrated a higher sense of efficacy than their CF colleagues. Factors identified as contributing to the participants’ sense of efficacy included challenges with resources, language proficiency, the marginalization of the CF program and its teachers, the value of collaboration with experienced colleagues and qualified mentors, and difficulties with classroom management.