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Master of Fine Arts


Visual Arts


Patrick Mahon


Following the Turn: Mapping As Material Art Practice investigates my artistic practice and MFA research based in London, Ontario. This dossier of research elements includes: an extended artist’s statement, a documentation of artistic practice and development, and a selection of in-process and published exhibition reviews of contemporary artists’ work; in Chapters 1, 2, and 3 respectively. This written document is in part intended to work as a specific accompaniment to my thesis exhibition. In the body of the thesis I propose that a project-based and embodied material art practice can perform mapping of negotiated experiences of the city. Dealing with ideas concerning ‘knowing’ the city, a series of conceptual and process oriented tactics are explored. Navigation, the everyday, and cumulative gestures help to ground a drawing-installation methodology alongside artistic activities that are initiated outside of the studio. I also consider interpretive theoretical and artistic influences such as the Situationist International, and Michel de Certeau’s ‘tactics’ in relation to my practice and as aids in navigation, meaning making and ultimately mapping.


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