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Master of Education




Dr. Shelley Taylor


This thesis explores the pedagogy and learning environment in an Ontario Francophone child care centre. This study is an exploratory descriptive case study using ethnographic tools. Relying on Cummins’ (1989) Minority Empowerment Framework and Lyster’s (2007) Counterbalanced Approach to Second Language Teaching as reference points, this study investigated how Franco-Ontarian culture and linguistic character are reinforced in this child care centre; how language instruction was integrated into educational activities; and what supports were in place to assist and support Anglophone and Allophone children in this environment. Over ten weeks, the researcher found that the centre promoted a culture of universal acceptance, rather than strictly a Franco-Ontarian culture; the centre’s interpretation of Emergent Curriculum meshes well with Lyster’s (2007) Counterbalanced Approach; and that gestures, repetition, and praise were used with all the children, regardless of language background.