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Master of Education




Dr. Rachel Heydon


This thesis explores the inclusion of art and visual modes of literacy across the elementary classroom curriculum in Ontario. Positioned within social semiotics, multimodal literacy and multimodal pedagogy, it situates art as a literacy practice. I use autoethnographic narratives to share stories of classroom experiences teaching multimodal literacy, and reflect on the following questions: What were my experiences using art as a multimodal literacy? What resources enabled or constrained the enactment of multimodal pedagogy in my practice? and What were the affordances and limitations of the modes and multimodal pedagogies for my students and for myself as a teacher? Reflections suggest that multimodal pedagogies include common elements (i.e., overt instruction on grammars of multiple modes); relies on human (i.e., teachers) and non-human (i.e., curriculum) resources; and fosters facility in multimodal communication for diverse purposes. This thesis is part of the conversation on multimodal pedagogies for 21st century literacy.