Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Abdelkader Ouda

2nd Supervisor

Luiz Fernando Capretz

Joint Supervisor


With the continuing growth of mobile devices outpacing that of desktops and laptops, mobile devices have become the new personal computer. These devices have become increasingly sophisticated and extremely powerful in the last few years. Substantial work has been done to measure mobile applications’ level of quality; many researchers have attempted to figure out why certain applications fail and others succeed.

In this thesis, a conceptual framework for measuring the quality aspects and criteria of m-learning is produced. Furthermore, a software prototype application for smartphones to assess usability issues of m-learning applications has been designed and implemented. This prototype application is developed using Java language and the Android Software development Kit, such that the recommended guidelines of the proposed framework are maintained. A questionnaire survey was conducted at Western University with approximately 96 undergraduate software engineering students. Five identical smartphones are used to evaluate the developed prototype in terms of ease of use, user satisfaction, attractiveness and learnability.