Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Computer Science


Nazim H. Madhavji


In service industries, such as healthcare, catering, tourism, etc., there exist regulations that require organisations’ service comply with the regulations. More and more regulations in the service sector are, or are aimed to be, outcome-focused regulations. An outcome prescribed in the regulation is what users should experience or achieve when the regulated business processes are compliant. Service providers need to proactively ensure that the outcomes specified in the regulations have been achieved prior to conducting the relevant part of the business or prior to inspectors discovering noncompliance. Current approaches check system requirements or business processes, not outcomes, against regulations and thus this still leaves uncertain as to whether what the users actually experience are really achieved. In this thesis, we propose an approach for assessing the compliance of process outcomes and improve the noncompliance. The approach is designed through the U.K’s. CQC regulations in the care home environment.