Electrical and Computer Engineering Publications

Creation and Evaluation of Software Teams – A Social Approach

Surayne Torres, Universidad de las Ciencias Informaticas
Yadenis Pinero, Universidad de las Ciencias Informaticas
Pedro Y. Pinero, Universidad de las Ciencias Informaticas
Luiz Fernando Capretz, University of Western Ontario


This work discusses an important issue in the area of human resource management by proposing a novel model for creation and evaluation of software teams. The model consists of several assessments, including a technical test, a quality of life test and a psychological-sociological test. Since the technical test requires particular organisational specifications and cannot be examined without reference to a specific company, only the sociological test and the quality of life tests are extensively discussed in this work. Two strategies are discussed for assigning roles in a project. Initially, six software projects were selected and after extensive analysis of the projects, two projects were chosen and correctives actions were applied. An empirical evaluation was also conducted to assess the model’s effectiveness. The experimental results demonstrate that the application of the model improved the productivity of project teams.