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As software and computer technology is becoming more prominent and pervasive in all spheres of life, many researchers and industry folks are realizing the importance of teaching soft skills and values to CS and SE students. Many researchers and leaders, from both academic and non-academic world, are also calling for software researchers and practitioners to seriously consider human values, like respect, integrity, compassion, justice, and honesty when building software, both for greater social good and also for financial considerations. In this paper, we propose and wish to promote teaching soft skills, values, and responsibilities to students, which we term as “Responsible Leadership”. We describe what we mean by teaching Responsible Leadership and describe what many of the researchers and faculty are doing to teach soft skills to students and that they can incorporate some material to introduce Responsible Leadership to students through both dedicated soft skills and ethics courses as well as other computer science courses and through existing clubs and organizations at universities.

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  1. Goyal D. and Capretz L.F., Promoting and Teaching Responsible Leadership in Software Engineering, 32nd Meeting of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group (PPIG), York, United Kingdom, 4 pages, June 2021.