Electrical and Computer Engineering Publications


Research in Electrical and Computer Engineering Publications falls into eight broad and interlaced areas. These research areas are applied electrostatics and electromagnetics, biomedical systems, computer-assisted medical interventions, communication systems and data networking, microsystems and digital signal processing, power systems engineering, robotics and control and software engineering.


Submissions from 2021


3-D printed soft magnetic helical coil actuators of iron oxide embedded polydimethylsiloxane, Rasoul Bayaniahangar, Shahab Bayani Ahangar, Zhongtian Zhang, Bruce P. Lee, and Joshua M. Pearce


An Analysis of Testing Scenarios for Automated Driving Systems, Luiz Fernando Capretz and Siyuan Liu

Systems Analysis Approach to Polyethylene Terephthalate and Olefin Plastics Supply Chains in the Circular Economy: A Review of Data Sets and Models, Utkarsh S. Chaudhari, Yingqian Lin, Vicki S. Thompson, Robert M. Handler, Joshua M. Pearce, Gerard Caneba, Prapti Muhuri, David Watkins, and David R. Shonnard

Finite Difference Heat Exchanger Model: Flow Maldistribution with Thermal Coupling, David C. Denkenberger, Michael J. Brandemuehl, John Zhai, and Joshua M. Pearce

Electric vehicle charging potential from retail parking lot solar photovoltaic awnings, Swaraj Sanjay Deshmukh and Joshua M. Pearce

Potential of microbial protein from hydrogen for preventing mass starvation in catastrophic scenarios, Juan B. García Martínez, Joseph Egbejimba, James Throup, Silvio Matassa, Joshua M. Pearce, and David C. Denkenberger


Transfer Learning by Similarity Centred Architecture Evolution for Multiple Residential Load Forecasting, Santiago Gomez-Rosero, Miriam A M Capretz, and Syed Mir

A review of the value of solar methodology with a case study of the U.S. VOS, Koami Soulemane Hayibo and Joshua M. Pearce

Geographic potential of shotcrete photovoltaic racking: Direct and low-concentration cases, Madeleine R. Hollman and Joshua M. Pearce

Optoelectronic properties: Carrier transport, recombination, and stability, Lihong Heidi Jiao and Joshua M. Pearce

Open source disease analysis system of cactus by artificial intelligence and image processing, Kanlayanee Kaweesinsakul, Siranee Nuchitprasitchai, and Joshua Pearce

SiOC(N) Cellular Structures with Dense Struts by Integrating Fused Filament Fabrication 3D Printing with Polymer-Derived Ceramics, Apoorv Kulkarni, Joshua Pearce, Yuejiao Yang, Antonella Motta, and Gian Domenico Sorarù

Conceptual Design and Rationale for a New Agrivoltaics Concept: Pasture-Raised Rabbits and Solar Farming, William Lytle, Theresa K. Meyer, Nagendra G. Tanikella, Laurie Burnham, Julie Engel, Chelsea Schelly, and Joshua M. Pearce

U.S. Potential of sustainable backyard distributed animal and plant protein production during and after pandemics, Theresa K. Meyer, Alexis Pascaris, David Denkenberger, and Joshua M. Pearce

Decarbonizing rural residential buildings in cold climates: A techno-economic analysis of heating electrification, Filippo Padovani, Nelson Sommerfeldt, Francesca Longobardi, and Joshua M. Pearce

Integrating solar energy with agriculture: Industry perspectives on the market, community, and socio-political dimensions of agrivoltaics, Alexis S. Pascaris, Chelsea Schelly, Laurie Burnham, and Joshua M. Pearce

Authors from all over the world share their tech in HardwareX to battle COVID-19, Joshua M. Pearce

Economics of grid-tied solar photovoltaic systems coupled to heat pumps: The case of northern climates of the U.S. and Canada, Joshua M. Pearce and Nelson Sommerfeldt


Deep Learning for High-Impedance Fault Detection: Convolutional Autoencoders, Khushwant Rai, Firouz Badrkhani Ajaei, Farnam Hojatpanah, and Katarina Grolinger

Applying a relationally and socially embedded decision framework to solar photovoltaic adoption: A conceptual exploration, Chelsea Schelly, Don Lee, Elise Matz, and Joshua M. Pearce

Reaction induced multifunctional TiO2 rod/particle nanostructured materials for screen printed dye sensitized solar cells, R. Selvapriya, V. Sasirekha, P. Vajeeston, J. M. Pearce, and J. Mayandi


A Systematic Review of Convolutional Neural Network-Based Structural Condition Assessment Techniques, Sandeep Sony, Kyle Dunphy, Ayan Sadhu, and Miriam A M Capretz


Dynamic Planning Networks, Norman Tasfi and Miriam A M Capretz

Low emissions analysis platform model for renewable energy: Community-scale case studies in Nigeria, B. Ugwoke, S. P. Corgnati, P. Leone, R. Borchiellini, and J. M. Pearce

Demonstration of the integrated rural energy planning framework for sustainable energy development in low-income countries: Case studies of rural communities in Nigeria, B. Ugwoke, S. Sulemanu, S. P. Corgnati, P. Leone, and J. M. Pearce