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Cases Inquiry as Critical Praxis: Supporting Intersectionality Within Inclusive Leadership Practices

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This article illuminates the significance of exploring intersectionalities within inclusive leadership practices through case inquiry as a critical praxis. Five educational institutions engaged in a partnership focused on exploring the lived practices and professional knowledge of school leaders as they worked towards supporting a vision of inclusive education within their individual school communities. These lived experiences were represented in written cases that have been captured in a provincial resource, Exploring Inclusive Leadership Practices through Case Inquiry (Sider, Maich, Morvan, Specht, & Smith, 2018). Mobilizing the knowledge and practices within this resource and supporting exploration of this knowledge and associated practices through a lens of critical praxis has been one of the key knowledge mobilization components of the June 1, 2019 conference, Exploring Intersectionalities for Leadership and School Inclusion, held at the University of British Columbia. This knowledge mobilization event, along with other initiatives, such as the case resource, helped to foster critical dialogue and interrogation related to leadership practices that can support or hinder a vision and enactment of inclusive education within school communities.

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