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High quality early intervention is a crucial component of supportive and inclusive early childhood education and care (ECEC) and crucial for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). For children with ASD, there is limited access to ECEC services and there is little research or writing on the importance of bridging even conversations between the fields of ECEC and special education needs. This paper addresses the importance of starting a conversation by delineating current literature on ASD and early intervention services while making recommendations for how practitioners and policy-makers can consider the needs of young children with ASD in ECEC programming, bringing together clinicians and educators in ECEC settings into broader and closer collaborations. Through investigating current wide-scale reports on ASD in ECEC and inclusive settings, screening, early intervention, and evidence-based interventions, as well as the specific needs of parents of children with ASD, we seek to bring such essential discussions to the forefront. In turn, practitioners can provide supportive early-years environments for children with ASD, as well as early intervention and identification services that support inclusive practices.