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If parental involvement in a child’s education is generally viewed in positive terms, then it is important to understand what sorts of barriers might hinder it. This article reviews literature on culturally and linguistically diverse parental in-volvement in special education in the United States and Canada. In analyzing 20 articles published in eight prominent journals between 2000 and 2010, the author considers what research has to say about what influences culturally and linguisti-cally diverse parental involvement. Applying the lens of social-cultural capital led the author to examine three core themes in the literature, namely perceptions, people, and systems. Because these three themes interlock so tightly, the author devised the overarching metaphor of critical entanglement, which is vital to the process of recognizing and addressing barriers that culturally and linguistically diverse parents potentially face. Implications for research are discussed in the recommendation and conclusion segments of this article.

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