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This study examined the effects of participation in the Learning Opportunities Task Force (LOTF) programs on postsecondary students with learning disabili-ties (LDs). Data regarding 969 students from 6 colleges and 4 universities in Ontario were evaluated to investigate rates of academic success and increased self-awareness. Participants had a significantly lower rate of failure or drop out compared with the national average. Comparison of pre- and post-participation data from 450 of these students demonstrated improved understanding of their own LD, ability to explain their disability to others, and ability to self-advocate following participation in the LOTF programs. Overall, the majority of partici-pants reported that participation in the LOTF program contributed significantly to their academic success and would participate again in such a program. Inten-sive learning supports during the first year of postsecondary studies like those provided by LOTF may increase retention rates and improve key skills for those with LD.

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