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Two concurrent trends converge in contemporary education: the first acknowledges educational activities as social and situated prompting us to imagine new roles for community in teaching and learning; the second attends to our abilities to differentiate and individualize activities, to be responsive to learner needs. Multiliteracies theorists contend that learning can be understood as a process of ‘weaving’ backward and forward across and between different pedagogical moves. Using ‘knowledge processes’ as a theoretical lens, we explore the pedagogical moves possible when we take an award winning curricular approach to teaching Shakespeare and work with it in the context of a dynamic ‘cloud’; a generative, flexible and participatory space where learners, educators and developers are integral to the process of ‘curriculum making’. We offer examples of the multiple opportunities for the pedagogies of ‘new teacher’ and ‘new learning’ to emerge when a space for invention is created.


!n:: A pedagogy of multiliteracies: learning by design. Ch.7 pp.127-141.

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