Date of Award


Degree Type


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Master of Engineering Science


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


A model was developed to describe the drying behaviour of biopolymer capsules. It was found that the diffusivity of water in biopolymer films was best described as an exponential function. This resulted in a significant decrease in the overall drying rate

due to decreasing diffusivity through the biopolymer film. A pulsing scheme was proposed, varying the velocity of the gas during drying. This variation optimized the overall drying rate, while maintaining a high diffusivity of water within the film. The model was expanded to use a commercial polyethylene glycol based fill instead ofpurewater. Thediffusivitymodelaccuratelypredictedthedryingbehaviourunder these conditions. Rotary dryers are used in industrial processes to dry biopolymer encapsulated products. Wet wooden spheres were used to approximate biopolymer capsules. It was found that the operating conditions and dryer design had significant impacts on the drying behaviour of biopolymer capsules.



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