Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering Science


Mechanical and Materials Engineering


Dr. Eric Savory

Second Advisor

Dr. Robert Martinuzzi

Third Advisor

Dr. Chao Zhang


The unsteady high-speed flow in centrifugal compressor stages tests current limitations of modeling techniques due to high degrees of curvature, adverse pressure gradients, and three-dimensional turbulent boundary layers. The current study presents experimental and numerical validation studies of predictions for a centrifugal compressor stage with a tandem impeller and fish-tail discrete passage diffuser using the mixing plane approach presently used for the design of these stages. Assessments are made of predictions with a more accurate geometry representation than has been modeled previously and with a number of turbulence closure models including the k — e, SST, SST-RM, and RSM-SSG models. Comparison with measured performance parameters seems to indicate better predictions by the RSM-SSG and SST models. For further validation of the numerical modeling, the latest results of a laser Doppler velocimetry study are presented and compared to numerical predictions, yielding good agreement at stage inlet and exit.



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