Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Medical Biophysics


Dr. James A. Johnson

Second Advisor

Dr. Graham J.W. King


The coronoid process is considered an integral structure for maintaining the stability of the elbow joint. While most fractures of the coronoid are successfully treated with open reduction and internal fixation, there is currently no reliable method to manage severely comminuted fractures. A prosthetic device is required to replace the coronoid in the setting of unreconstructable fractures. The stabilizing effect of a coronoid prosthesis, designed based on an anthropometric characterization of the proximal ulna, was investigated in an elbow joint motion

simulator. The prosthesis was found to effectively restore stability to the coronoid deficient elbow. Additionally, a biomechanical investigation was conducted to evaluate implant fixation techniques. Cement was found to provide the most secure fixation, while screw fixation was also found to provide acceptable initial fixation, pending osseous integration. Collectively, these results indicate that the use of a coronoid prosthesis may be useful in treating severe unreconstructable fractures of the coronoid process



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