Date of Award


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Master of Science




Dr. Richard Goffin


The purpose of this thesis was to investigate whether individual differences in personality, self­ control in particular, could predict job applicant faking, and if so, to investigate whether these relationships predicted faking through their prediction of Motivation to Fake. In general, there was mixed support for the prediction of faking using personality variables. Dutifulness, Achievement Striving, and Self-Monitoring all provided small to medium prediction of faking and self-control offered incremental prediction in predicting Motivation to Fake beyond Dutifulness and Achievement Striving through classical suppression. There was also evidence that Motivation to Fake mediated the prediction of applicant faking using Dutifulness, Achievement Striving, Machiavellianism, and Self-Monitoring. I draw on the faking and dishonesty literature to interpret these findings and provide future directions for faking research



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