Edelyn Musara

Date of Award


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Master of Education




Dr. Goli Rezai-Rashti


This thesis seeks to investigate the effectiveness of teacher education programs in preparing pre­ service teachers for Ontario’s diverse student population. Using theoretical perspectives on culturally relevant pedagogy gleaned from Delpit (2006) and Darling-Hammond et al (2002) as my study base, I conducted a qualitative case study and interviewed four pre-service teachers to determine their view on teaching for diversity.

Reflecting on my experiences with the participants in this research study, I can venture to say that pre-service teachers need to be adequately prepared to work productively with Ontario’s diverse student population. Diversity and equity education should not be isolated in just one or two courses as adjuncts to the curriculum. Rather, it should be infused throughout the college experiences of the teacher candidates. It is fundamentally critical for teacher education programs to expose pre-service teachers to immensely rich diversity-oriented experiences to facilitate delivery of a culturally relevant pedagogy that will positively impact the learning experiences of diverse learners. When pre-service teachers are thoroughly prepared to teach for diversity, they will develop broader professional identities that extend beyond their personal experiences and

incorporate a commitment to teaching for social justice (Darling-Hammond et. al, 2002). Therefore teacher education programs need to take a stand on social justice and diversity, make social justice ubiquitous in teacher education, and promote teaching as a life-long journey of transformation.



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