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Master of Education




Dr. Allen Pearson


Education in Ontario underwent a series of reforms during the 1990’s, including a

reduction from a 5-year to a 4-year secondary program. As a result of these reforms, several studies were commissioned to determine the success of these changes, and the recommendations were to implement a support program to address the holistic, developmental and individual needs of students who are not successful in secondary school—the Student Success Program. Student Success Teachers (SSTs) were hired in every secondary school in Ontario to be the implementer of Student Success initiatives. In this study, 12 SSTs from two coterminous local school boards were interviewed to examine the role of the SST. From the interviews, it was clear that the dominant experience of SSTs is tension—tension surrounding their philosophy of education, tension with regards to their role in the secondary school and tension with others as a result of their workload



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