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Master of Arts




Dr. Jacek Malczewski


Many studies have demonstrated the relationship between proximity to urban rail transit (URT) stations and the value ofresidential property. Most, however, do not employ either a spatial model or a cartographic depiction of their results. This represents a problem insofar as property values tend to vary spatially. To help address this deficiency, this study will examine the relationship between proximity to URT (O-Train) stations in Ottawa, Ontario and property values specifically utilizing a spatial approach. This will

be undertaken through the use of spatial and geographically weighted regression (GWR), techniques in a Geographic Information System (GIS). This study is contributing to the literature by developing a GWR model on the project and presenting a cartographic display of the results. Therefore this will not only enhance understanding of the relationship under study but also potentially benefit urban planners and the home-buying public.



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